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DAENA SMOLLER began her career in the early 1980s as a commercial copywriter, producer and radio personality, moving into documentary and television producing and publishing in 1997. Daena won both a 1999 TELLY Award and the 2002 Screamfest Int’l Film Fest & Screenplay Competition's inaugural BEST DOCUMENTARY Award for her first two efforts as co-creator and co-executive producer of the 1999 ISPR INVESTIGATES SERIES, in which she also appeared on-screen.

With 50+ TV shows between 1995 and 2004, Daena also created & implemented huge promotions and global sweepstakes with movie studios and entities like SONY, MGM, RYSHER Entertainment, DREAMWORKS, COLUMBIA TRISTAR and FYE. Her work in Hollywood and New Orleans in tourism and entertainment, has helped create two multi-billion dollar industries.

Daena now calls Las Vegas ‘home’ and has returned to with the LARRY & DAENA DO VEGAS! Show to positively promote Las Vegas and help animals-in-need, each & every week!

LARRY MONTZ is a telecom engineer, world-renown field parapsychologist, TV & Radio personality, private investigator, professional photographer, published author and award-winning documentary producer. His professional resume since the early 1970s includes: specialty work performed directly for Hugh Hefner and PLAYBOY (1979 – 1983), as Project Manager for designing and installing the world’s first video fiber optics network for the 1984 World’s Fair in New Orleans, as General Manager for multi-million dollar telecom companies, and his multi-layered and highly visible work creating multi-billion dollar industries in international Tourism and Reality Media; both of which continue to flourish worldwide, today.

Larry Montz has returned to the all-positive talk destination on the Internet to co-host, LARRY & DAENA DO VEGAS! to help promote the jewel of the desert of which he now calls home and to support one of his ‘pet causes’ – assisting animals-in-need in and around Las Vegas and the caring people who help them.

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