Larry & Daena DO VEGAS! is surrounded on by other great shows like:  Astrologer Kristin Fontana with GUIDING STARS,  James Bean with SPIRITUAL AWAKENING,  Dr. Andy McCabe with AUTISM WITH DR. ANDY MCCABE, SOUL MEDICINE w/Dawson Church (Empower Series),  MOVING BEYOND LOSS  with Russell Friedman Executive Director of The Grief Recovery Institute (Empower Series),  POWELL TO THE PEOPLE  with Wayne Powell  -  former Manhattan Beach  Mayor and Chief Financial Officer and current Manhattan Beach City Council member and L.A. County Beach Commissioner, BACKSTAGE GOURMET  with PJ Grimes (Create Series),  LippService  with Mark Lipps, a 17-year executive with Fox Broadcasting (Create Series),  DOCTOR ON CALL with Dr. Jane Greer with specialty segments:  'Shrink Wrap on Call' - focusing on the celebrity/entertainment world,  'HuffPost on Call' - featuring Huffington Post editors & bloggers and 'Let's Talk Sex' which explores conversations on sex & intimacy, SPIRITUAL AWAKENING w/James Bean and ASPEL ON THE ESPLANADE with Mayor of Redondo Beach, Steve Aspel.                     MORE - All Positive Web Talk Radio Show Hosts

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Larry & Daena DO VEGAS! is live on Thursdays, 2p - 3p PST, from ASTON MonteLago Village Resort at Lake Las Vegas and is sponsored in part by Las Vegas businesses like the Las Vegas Mini Gran Prix, Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine, Graceland Wedding Chapel, the Las Vegas 51s, AAMCO NLV, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory at Lake Las Vegas, Tom Lee, Tire Mart NLV, LEVEL Development at Lake Las Vegas, ASTON MonteLago Village Resort, HILTON Lake Las Vegas Resort & Spa and many more.  Specialty segments like, "5 THINGS ABOUT VEGAS YOU MAY NOT KNOW" is sponsored by HOMES ILLUSTRATED Magazine and "HEALTHY VEGAS" is sponsored by HEALTH SYSTEMS USA, STILLPOINT: Center for Spiritual Development and  the Enchanted Forest Reiki Center.
Larry & Daena DO VEGAS! is produced by VegasRadio.Today for and is syndicated on over 60 distribution platforms as well as each show enjoying a 13 week period of 24/7 ON DEMAND.  - All Positive Web Talk Radio features such notable and expert show hosts as actress Sally Kirkland, Dr. Bernie Siegel, Guy Finley,  Dr. Gloria Gilbere, Jonathan Goldman, Rabbi Dr. Wayne Dosick,  Reba Merrill, Shea Vaughan and many more.  Larry Montz and Daena Smoller, both award-winning documentarians, round out the list with profound media backgrounds and are credited with creating two 'billion - dollar industries' in paranormal reality entertainment and paranormal tourism.
On September 4, 2014,  Larry Montz and Daena Smoller returned to with a brand new show, Larry & Daena DO VEGAS! as part of a new slate of original talk programming for the network.  Larry & Daena DO VEGAS! provides with a new satellite location in the Entertainment Capital of the World and is quickly garnering publicity for it's upbeat conversations with both business and entertainment professionals in Las Vegas as well as those across the country with ties to Sin City. is an original pioneer of all positive talk on the Internet,  since 2002. was founded by Linda Mackenzie a published author, radio host, telecom engineer and in the metaphysical world, a practitioner of enhanced Psi abilities. 
Larry & Daena  DO VEGAS!
talk show is produced by VegasRadio.Today for - All Positive Web Talk Radio with programming syndicated on
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